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Featured Products

Power-Pole FlexPower-Pole Systems

Sport fishing is all about capitalizing on opportunities and making the most of your time on the water. With the unmatched versatility of Power-Pole, you have a shallow water anchor that deploys silently, holds strong and gives you the best shot at putting more fish in the boat – all at the touch of a button. Shop our catalog of Power-Pole Systems – Click Here

Micro Anchor

Micro Anchors

Swift Silent Secure and small. Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your small craft. And nothing anchors you better than a Power-Pole made just for your vessel. Enter the MICRO Anchor. This all-new, all-electric wonder is the first of its kind—a super-compact powerhouse that was built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experience. – Click Here

Jack Plates

HiJacker JackPlate

Designed to raise and lower your outboard motor, our outboard jack plates will help to improve your boats performance by improving the gas mileage, increasing the speed, and allow for shallow water access. What is a Jack Plate? – A better way to “shallow up” your prop and skeg is to lift them straight up rather than tilt them. Mounting your outboard to a hydraulic- or electric-powered jack plate affixed to the transom of the boat allows you to lift your engine vertically rather than change the angle of thrust. Shop our catalog of Jack Plates – Click Here

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